PLRB's Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Claims are made by insureds of every race, religion, ethnicity, gender and orientation.  Similarly, claims are handled by a diverse group of insurance professionals throughout the country and the world.  PLRB embraces this diversity and recognizes that listening to, working with, and interacting with people with all different backgrounds makes us stronger, more knowledgeable, and more understanding of each other.

PLRB’s internal commitment to treating people of all backgrounds with respect is reflected in its Employee Handbook which addresses the importance of 1. equal employment opportunity, 2. a diversity policy, and 3. an anti-harassment / discrimination policy.  PLRB’s commitment to our membership to respect each other’s differences is reflected in the Wrongful Discrimination and Harassment Policy that we post for all of our conference, and expect all attendees to abide by.

In this time of heightened tensions, PLRB remains committed to embracing its diverse membership, and will continue treating each person as we ourselves want to be treated: with professionalism, respect and dignity.