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PLRB Services Videos

PLRB Services Overview - Get the Most Out of Your PLRB Membership

PLRB adds approximately 1,000 new coverage related documents to its website each year. This video highlights the different types of coverage materials available to our member companies (i.e., policy annotations, state by state surveys, adjuster resource sheets, FAQ's, coverage questions, etc.), as well as point out the newest documents we've added. In addition, it demonstrates the most efficient ways to navigate our coverage database to find the information you need to help resolve your claim.

Finding The Coverage Information You Need

This 45 minute webinar will give an overview of all products and services that are part of member insurance companies' PLRB membership. It will also demonstrate how to navigate PLRB's website to locate information from our 1) property and liability, 2) building code, 3) weather / CATs, and 4) training and education departments.

Weather/CATs Webinar

Did you know that PLRB has a Weather / CATs department and a website filled with all sorts of searchable historical data? Hail, lightning, snow, wind data and more!

Training and Education Webinar

PLRB's educational offerings have been designed and curated for your team, and it's never been easier to leverage our materials to develop the training you need. In this interactive webinar, we will demonstrate how to delve into PLRB's website, which provides 24/7 access to our highly regarded training materials. These training materials are available to insurance company and affiliate (i.e., service provider) members.

Building Codes Webinar

Is an ice barrier required on a reroof in Cincinnati? Is the uneven stairway up to code? Simple to use tools like a GIS map of codes, interactive roofing and stairs diagrams, FAQs, and the 'Ask PLRB' custom research function can help you answer these and other difficult building code questions. This webinar will show you how to effectively utilize the many resources available on the PLRB Building Codes Made Easier web page and the new BCme app. (Available to insurance company and affiliate, i.e., service provider, members).

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