About the Property & Liability Resource Bureau

The Property & Liability Resource Bureau Mission

Resourcing the P&C insurance industry through in-depth:

  • coverage and legal informational databases and consulting
  • catastrophe, weather, and seismic information and consulting
  • live and on-line education and training

Statement of Purpose

In the true sense of a trade association, our purpose is to advance the interests of the industry. More specifically, as stated in its Bylaws, the purposes and objectives of the Property & Liability Resource Bureau are:

  • To concern itself with, and encourage productivity and efficiency in, the property and liability loss and claim adjustment processes of members and the industry as a whole;
  • To disseminate information on property and liability issues among members and within the insurance industry; and
  • To promote education and new and beneficial developments within the property and casualty insurance industry.


Any insurance company or underwriting organization licensed to do property or casualty business in the United States can become a subscriber member of the Property & Liability Resource Bureau. Annual dues are based on the amount of the company's direct written premiums in the lines of insurance serviced by the property services and liability services divisions of PLRB.

Any business which provides claims services directly to PLRB member insurers is eligible to become a PLRB affiliate member under the terms of the PLRB affiliate member program. Annual dues are based on the business' number of employees and percentage of operations related to insurance claims.

Services: As Much as You Want, All For One Price

All of Property & Liability Resource Bureau's services and programs are available to insurer members on an unlimited basis in exchange for payment of the annual member dues assessment. Any staff member of an insurer member can take full advantage of all our services. Member insurers can print out and photocopy as many copies of any of our information as they like. There is no fine print; there are no hidden charges, no "ups or extras." To protect the value of membership and to help control our liability exposure, we do ask that members limit distribution of our materials and services to their employee staff and their retained defense counsel.

Insurer members can accurately budget for their use of Property & Liability Resource Bureau services and completely control the extent of their usage of our services over any given period of time. PLRB provides up-to-the-minute on-line service usage reports to each member on demand through our Member Administration system.

Property & Liability Resource Bureau Affiliate Member employees are entitled to unlimited Web access to those Web services included within the PLRB Affiliate Member Program. Affiliate Members also receive discounted pricing for attending, exhibiting at, and sponsoring PLRB educational meetings and conferences.

Lines of Business Serviced

The property services division of the Property & Liability Resource Bureau, PLRB, provides services with respect to the following lines of insurance business typically identified on an insurer's annual statement:

  • fire and allied lines
  • federal flood
  • homeowners multiple peril
  • farmowners multiple peril
  • commercial multiple peril (non-liability portion)
  • mortgage guaranty
  • inland marine
  • earthquake
  • fidelity
  • burglary and theft
  • boiler and machinery

The liability services division of the Property & Liability Resource Bureau services the following lines of insurance business typically identified on an insurer's annual statement:

  • farmowners liability
  • homeowners liability
  • commercial multiple peril (liability portion)
  • other liability
  • products liability
  • private passenger auto no-fault (personal injury protection)
  • other private passenger auto liability
  • commercial auto no-fault (personal injury protection)
  • other commercial auto liability
  • private passenger auto physical damage
  • commercial auto physical damage

The property services and the liability services of PLRB are separate memberships and are separately invoiced on an annual basis. An insurer can pay for and receive just the property services, just the liability services, or both.

Although the focus of all of our services is the claims handling needs of member insurers, many of our services and programs are highly relevant to insurers' training, legal, and underwriting departments, as well as to a whole spectrum of claims service providers.

Our Home Page

PLRB's home page is the gateway to the most comprehensive source of proprietary property and liability claims information on the planet.

  • Enormous coverage research databases
  • Current and archival GIS-based information about catastrophic, weather, and seismic events
  • Distance learning training courses
  • Technical reference materials
  • Service provider location and communication tools
  • Description of and registration for upcoming educational and training seminars and conferences
  • Training handouts used by expert presenters at recent PLRB conferences to help members with in-house training needs
  • Individualized coverage research from PLRB's staff attorneys
  • Live Web and telephone access to PLRB staff on coverage, technical, or other matters relating to our services

All these and more are easily accessible from PLRB's home page with just a few mouse clicks, without ever leaving the PLRB Web umbrella.

Our home page also provides constant updates in the areas of developing property and liability insurance case law, tests of your property coverage and claims handling knowledge, developing weather and catastrophic events, coming meetings and seminars, and breaking news stories involving "hot topics" such as recent major storms. Insurer members and Affiliate Members receive weekly Front Lines e-mail updates informing them of newly available materials with active links from those e-mails to our home page; this e-newsletter currently reaches more than 30,000 readers.

Financial Information

The Products and Services Committee and the PLAB Advisory Board meet annually to review our performance and suggest new projects. We then estimate costs for implementation of their recommendations and prepare a budget. This budget is presented for approval to the Board of Directors, which consists of member company CEOs and other top executives.

After setting a budget for the forthcoming year, the Board of Directors establishes a Dues Schedule, which allocates our operating costs among the members based upon their direct written premiums in lines serviced by the property services and liability services divisions of PLRB. PLRB maintains a reserve to avoid special assessments and provide financial stability. This reserve is conservatively invested unless needed.