PLRB Training Curriculum

The PLRB Training Curriculum is a curated collection of all resources that draws together some of the best content from every corner of PLRB. Let's say you, the adjuster, need to prepare a presentation for your Claim Unit on a particular topic. You want to know what material PLRB has gathered on this topic. Select a topic that interests you and click on it to expand it. For each topic, relevant CE courses, webinars, articles, exercises, videos, state-by-states, annotated policies, and more have been gathered in one place for you.

Let's say you want to improve your writing skills. Look under Claims Handling for a relevant topic, "Create written correspondence that reflects a high level of professionalism." You can take an interactive course, watch a webinar, review some sample letters, and more.

Perhaps you are a trainer or a manager. You can use this to develop courses of study quickly and easily. Simply locate the relevant topic and all the resources you need will be at your fingertips.

You can now create your own curriculum! You can select any resource you want to add, whether that may be a CE Course, webinar, podcast, eLearning exercise, or other. Develop a course for your team based on the topics of your choice, and have them send you their progress. Keep track of which CE Courses and webinars you plan to take next. The end result will be your own personal "Learning Path" that you can take at your convenience.

Click here to create a new curriculum!

If you have already developed your own curriculum and would like to edit it, you can do that here as well. Simply paste the URL or "web address" below and click "Edit Curriculum." (It should start with "". An example curriculum URL might look like ",c0020,e00031".)

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