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Coverage Question Submissions (PLRB)​

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Is there coverage for the insureds loss as he was frauded into thinking he was dealing with a legitimate company who had been in business 20 years and he wired them $14,000. Would the above endorsement provide coverage for this claim?04/30/2024
Potential total loss due to wind damage. But, at this point it appears that the foundation might be salvageable. If the foundation is salvageable and no other walls, would valued policy apply or would it not?05/01/2024
Does the homeowner's policy extend coverage for another home on the property?05/13/2024
loss of use of excavator05/14/2024
Would Fungus, wet, or dry rot coverage apply05/16/2024
roof loss -- coverage for related damage that happened 20 years ago05/16/2024

Coverage Question Submissions (LIRB)​

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