What Is Your Reputation?

What is your reputation? Ed Jones will help you understand how to build and maintain a reputation. Ed Jones, Vice President of Education, Research & Development, Code Blue 360

Driverless Cars and You

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Leading the Hulks on Your Team

The Hulk has immeasurable strength, but his erratic behavior creates problems for the team. To effectively lead Hulks that are on your team, you must have a high degree of […]

The Real Time Paperless Contractor

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Embracing A Digital Transformation

Are you embracing the future? It’s coming whether you are ready or not, so get ready with this fascinating video. Todd Asher, Founder & CEO, Sygnali

Eliminating Subrogation Waivers

Join Nelson Canter as he explains how subrogation waivers work and why contractual waivers of subrogation should be eliminated in ‘Eliminating Subrogation Waivers’.