Soldotna, Alaska Building Codes

Updated : 04/22/2024


The Municipality of Soldotna adopted some 2006 ICC codes using Ordinance 2012-004. The City also uses updated editions from its previously adopted legacy Uniform Codes (from ICBO, 1997 and IAPMO as recent as 2006).

Helpful resources for Soldotna, Alaska include the following.

Residential Building Code

Alaska has yet to adopt a statewide residential code. Local laws will control.See PLRB, Alaska Building Codes for more information on state level codes.

Soldotna adopted the 2006 IRC, locally. Note that adoptions usually come with amendments. So, it is important to review those amendments in addition to the unamended model code.

You can find a copy of the model code here.

You can find information about amendments to the model code here.

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2018 IRC with Alaska amendments(Soldotna, AK 15.07.010 - Residential code.)

...removal and demolition of detached one and two family dwellings and multiple single-family dwellings, that certain code known as the "International Residential Code," (IRC) 2012 Edition, of the International Code Council, Chapters 1 through 10, including the appendices E, F, H, J, K, and M, except for such portions as are hereafter deleted...

Drip Edge

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Ice Barrier


Soldotna adopted the 2006 IRC with all the Appendices. Soldotna, Alaska., Muni Code §15.07.010. The City deleted Chapters 11—42 of the 2006 IRC, in their entirety and referred those provisions to the other applicable codes adopted in the Soldotna Municipal Code. Soldotna, Alaska., Muni Code § 15.07.020.

Existing Buildings

Existing buildings, meaning buildings that were built in accordance to code at the time of construction, typically merit extra consideration in a current updated code.

Refer to Appendix J of the adopted 2006 IRC.

Commercial Building Code

Soldotna adopted You can find a copy of the code here.You can find information about amendments to the model code here.

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2021 IBC with Alaska amendments(Soldotna, AK 15.02.010 - Building code.)

...buildings and structures, including permits and penalties, those certain bound volumes known as the "International Building Code," (IBC) 2012 Edition of the International Code Council, as adopted with all revisions in 13 AAC 50.020 in effect as of May 19, 2017 and Appendix C except the revisions of...


Soldotna adopted and amended the 2006 IBC. Soldotna, Alaska., Muni Code §15.02.010. The City uses Chapters 1-12, 14-35 and Appendix C of the 2006 IBC. Id.

Existing Buildings

Refer to Chapter 34 of the adopted 2006 IBC. The City amended some sections of chapter 34 as follows:

3401.3 Compliance with other codes. Delete the reference to "International Plumbing Code," "ICC Electrical Code," "International Private Sewage Disposal Code" and replace with "Uniform Plumbing Code and National Electrical Code as adopted by SMC Chapters 15.03 and 15.05."

3410.2 Applicability. Revise the first sentence to read as follows: Structure defined as existing prior to the effective date of this code in which there is work involving additions, alterations or changes of occupancy must conform to the requirements of this section or the provisions of Sections 3403 through 3407.

Other Building Codes

The City also adopted the following codes:

2006 IFC and appendices B, C, D, E, F, and G

2006 Uniform Mechanical Code (by IAPMO)

2006 Uniform Plumbing Code (by IAPMO)

2008 NEC (NFPA 70)