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Siloam Springs, Arkansas Building Codes

Updated : 04/22/2024


Volumes I, II and III of the AFPC supercede the last known set of legacy codes adopted by the City of Siloam Springs through §18-61 of the Siloam Springs Code of Ordinances.

Helpful resources for Siloam Springs, Arkansas include the following.

Residential Building Code

Arkansas adopted a statewide mandatory residential code that will control; however, local governments are free to make laws more strict (with some limitations).See PLRB, Arkansas Building Codes for more information on state level codes.

Siloam Springs adopted the 2006 IRC, locally. Note that adoptions usually come with amendments. So, it is important to review those amendments in addition to the unamended model code.

You can find a copy of the model code here.

You can find information about amendments to the model code here.

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2021 Arkansas Fire Prevention Code Vol. III (2021 IRC)(Siloam Springs, AR Sec. 38-41. - Adoption by reference.)

...reference the 2012 Arkansas Fire Prevention Code (AFPC). (b) No structure shall be constructed, renovated, or maintained, and no activity shall be undertaken, in the city except in full compliance with the Arkansas Fire Prevention Code and its state-adopted...

Drip Edge

Drip Edge: No

Ice Barrier

Commercial Building Code

Siloam Springs adopted a code that is yet to be identified .Please contact PLRB if you would like us to research this for you.

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2021 Arkansas Fire Prevention Code, Vol. II (2021 IBC)(Siloam Springs, AR Sec. 18-61. - Adopted by reference.)

...The 2012 edition of the Arkansas Fire Prevention Code, as published by the State of Arkansas is adopted including all current and future amendments. Copies have been and are now filed in the office of the city clerk, and such code and amendments are adopted and incorporated as fully as if set forth word for word in this section, and, from...