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Oak Forest, Illinois Building Codes

Updated : 04/22/2024


Oak Forest, IL has adopted the 2006 International Codes, with amendments, including the 2006 IRC and IBC. Oak Forest, IL Muni. Codes § 151.002 (IRC adoption and amendments) and § 151.001 (IBC adoption and amendments). 

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Residential Building Code

Illinois has yet to adopt a statewide residential code. Local laws will control.See PLRB, Illinois Building Codes for more information on state level codes.

Oak Forest adopted the 2006 IRC, locally. Note that adoptions usually come with amendments. So, it is important to review those amendments in addition to the unamended model code.

You can find a copy of the model code here.

You can find information about amendments to the model code here.

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...CHAPTER 151: BUILDINGS AND CONSTRUCTION Section Adoption of Codes 151.001 International Building Code 151.002 International Residential Code 151.003 Construction requirements 151.004 Decks, additions, patios, porches, gazebos or other accessory structures 151.005 International Energy Conservation Code 151.006 Plumbing codes adopted 151.007 National Electrical Code 151.008 International Fuel Gas Code 151.009 International Mechanical Code 151.010 Occupancy permits 151.011 Permits on file with township assessor 151.012 Fees and deposits 151.013 Damage to public improvements 151.014 Compliance required 151.015 Plat of survey 151.016 Razing buildings 151.017 Paved areas 151.018 Sidewalk required 151.019 Individual lot grading plan requirements 151.020 Safety and work requirements 151.021 Exterior wall construction 151.022 Retaining walls New Residential Buildings or Structures and Other Related Activities; Construction 151.035 Fees and deposits Nonresidential Buildings or Structures and Other Related Activities; Construction 151.050 Fees and deposits Utility Facilities in the Public Rights-of-Way; Construction 151.065 Preambles 151.066 Purpose and scope 151.067 Definitions 151.068 Annual registration required 151.069 Permit required; applications and fees 151.070 Action on permit applications 151.071 Effect of permit 151.072 Revised permit drawings 151.073 Insurance 151.074 Indemnification 151.075 Security 151.076 Permit suspension and revocation 151.077 Change of ownership or owner’s identity or legal status 151.078 General construction standards 151.079 Traffic control 151.080 Location of facilities 151.081 Construction methods and materials 151.082 Vegetation control 151.083 Removal, relocation or modifications of utility facilities 151.084 Clean-up and restoration 151.085 Maintenance and emergency maintenance 151.086 Variances 151.087 Enforcement 151.088 Severability Burial of Cables 151.100 Burial of cables and pipes required Elevators, Dumbwaiters, Escalators and Moving Walks 151.115 National Standard Safety Code 151.116 Conflict of laws Fallout Shelters 151.130 Construction standards 151.131 Permit fees Multiple-Owner Complexes 151.145 Preambles 151.146 Definitions 151.147 Multiple ownership/multiple unit inspection review board 151.148 Registration/conversion of structures constructed prior to 1996 151.149 Multiple ownership/multiple unit development registration requirements 151.150 Dwelling unit registration requirements 151.151 Additional inspections 151.152 Suspension or revocation of certificates of registration 151.153 Failure to register 151.154 Guarantees Rental Multi-Family Dwelling Structures 151.165 Definitions 151.166 Fees, penalties and other charges 151.167 Certificate of housing inspection prerequisite to operation, lease or sale; term 151.168 Application procedures for certificates of registration 151.169 Certificate of registration 151.170 Consent to inspection; scope of inspection; limitations; warrants 151.171 Building inspection review board 151.172 Building inspection review board procedures; appeals Sewer System Connection Charge 151.185 Preambles 151.186 Connection charge Signs 151.200 Mobile signs 151.201 Signs at the rear of shopping centers Storage of Construction Materials 151.215 Permit required; application and deposit 151.216 Time limits for removal of debris 151.217 Notice of hearing 151.218 Extension of time limits 151.219 Use of deposit for removal by city 151.220 Appeals 151.221 Excess or deficiency in deposit; liens 151.222 Inspection; refund of deposit 151.223 Liability for damages Small Wireless Facilities 151.300 Purpose 151.301 Interaction with other code provisions and laws 151.302 Definitions 151.303 Zoning 151.304 Permits; application process 151.305 Construction 151.306 Permit duration 151.307 Height limitations 151.308 General requirements 151.309 Stealth, concealment and design standards 151.310 Reservation of city utility pole space 151.311 Applicability of existing agreements 151.312 Collocation on city-owned infrastructure 151.313 Notice of sale or transfer 151.314 Abandonment 151.315 Dispute resolution 151.316 Indemnification 151.317 Insurance 151.318 Maintenance of small wireless facilities 151.319 Revocation of permit 151.320 Exceptions to applicability 151. 321 Conflict of laws 151.999 Penalty Cross-reference: Building Department, see §§ 32.590 through 32.593 Use of groundwater as potable water supply prohibited, see § 50.08...

Drip Edge

Drip Edge: no

Ice Barrier

Are ice barriers required for Oak Forest ? Yes

While no formal online code was located regarding ice barriers, Michael Forbes, Building Commissioner of Oak Forest, IL confirmed they are required. (Per email 2/20/19.)

Government Officials
Last Name First Name Title E-mail Phone Note
Stubbs Lorna Code Enforcement Officer lstubbs@oak-forest.org 708/687-4050 x1246


Oak Forest, IL has adopted the 2006 IRC including appendices A, B, C, D, G, I, J and K.



Existing Buildings

Existing buildings, meaning buildings that were built in accordance to code at the time of construction, typically merit extra consideration in a current updated code.

Oak Forest, IL has adopted the 2006 IRC including appendix J. Oak Forest, IL Muni. Code § 151.002.

Commercial Building Code

Oak Forest adopted the 2006 IBC, locally . Note that adoptions usually come with amendments. So, it is important to review those amendments in addition to the unamended model code.

You can find a copy of the code here.You can find information about amendments to the model code here.

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See Amlegal(Oak Forest, IL Municipal Code)

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Oak Forest, IL has adopted the 2006 IBC including appendices A, C, E, F, G, H and I. 

Existing Buildings

Oak Forest, IL did not adopt the IEBC, therefore Chapter 34 of the IBC would apply.

Other Building Codes

Oak Forest, IL also adopted the following codes:

2006 International Energy Conservation Code. Oak Forest, IL Muni. Code § 151.005.

Illinois State Plumbing Code. Oak Forest, IL Muni. Code § 151.006.

2008 National Electrical Code (NFPA 70). Oak Forest, IL Muni. Code § 151.007.

2006 International Fuel Gas Code. Oak Forest, IL Muni. Code § 151.008.

2006 International Mechanical Code. Oak Forest, IL Muni. Code § 151.009.

1976 Fire Prevention Code. Oak Forest, IL Muni. Code § 94.01.

2009 International Fire Code. Oak Forest, IL Muni. Code § 94.35.