High Speed Web Connection

The distance learning module is an online audio visual presentation designed for web users with high speed connections. Sections of the modules run from 7 to 25 minutes each. Consequently, there is a significant amount of images and sound files to download. With a slow connection, it could take 5 to minutes or more to download each section.


The presentation includes audio. So, for the best experience, computer speakers are desirable. However, if you do not have speakers, each portion of the module includes subtitles.

Streaming Video

Some modules use streaming video. The PLRB IT staff have found that some IT departments have blocked streaming video in order to conserve bandwidth. If you cannot, please contact your help desk to see if they can make an exception for the PLRB Distance Learning Modules.


CE Credits

The module is designed to be CE accredited in several states. To qualify for credit, you must complete the entire module within a one month time period. No partial credits will be awarded. Furthermore, each section of the module must be completed within a minimum and maximum time frame. These time frames are listed by each section. If you move through the materials in a particular segment too quickly or too slowly, you will be required to retake the segment. In order to receive CE credits, you must apply for CE credits upon completion of the module and survey.


The first segment is unlocked, which means that you can begin by taking that section. The subsequent quizzes and sections will become unlocked as you satisfactorily complete the sections.


Each section of the module is followed by a quiz containing 5 questions. You must answer 4 questions correctly to move onto the next segment. Anything less is a failing score.

The quizzes have time limits. If you exceed the allotted time, you fail. Also, if you start a quiz but do not finish, you fail.

If you fail on your first attempt at taking a quiz, you will be given a second set of 5 questions. If you fail again, you will be required to retake that portion of the module before being retested.

Questions/ Comments


If you have technical questions regarding computer difficulties, please contact the PLRB/LIRB IT department by clicking here or call (630) 724-2220.

CE/CLE Processing

If you have any questions about CE or CLE, please contact Heather Maher at 630-724-2200.


If you have any questions about the content, please contact [email protected] at [email protected] or call (630) 724-2218. We will be happy to discuss the material or the quizes.
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