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J. Lyle Donan, Co-Founder, Source7

Non-weather interior water claims are on the rise, and subrogating such claims could reduce indemnity, provide an opportunity to return deductibles to insureds, and hold the right people accountable. But at the adjuster level, referring claims to subrogation can result in more scrutiny and more uncertainty. Join J. Lyle Donan as he discusses modern solutions to legacy problems and describes a method to build a more accurate data picture of all product failures. At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

Recognize the strategic causes of non-weather interior water claims;

Understand the industry’s legacy problems working against subrogating non-weather interior water claims and new solutions aimed at reducing or eliminating these problems; and

Understand how data from property subrogation claims combined with appliance and product inventory and failure data from across real estate is being deployed in P&C underwriting and claims.

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