My Pot Caught Fire (Before I Wanted It To)

Your friend Joan was growing 3 cannabis plants in her home in Hawaii, intended as medical marijuana. Just as the mature plants were almost ready for harvest, the heat lamp […]

Help! They Stole My Facebook Followers!

[Recorded LIVE at the 2024 Claims Conference in Boston, MA!] The two head pastors of a megachurch had a falling out. One pastor left to start his own ministry, but […]

Detached Garage Converted to AirBNB

An insured’s detached garage burns down in a covered lightning strike, and somehow it’s not covered just because of a little side hustle? The PLRB crew hunt for coverage and […]

My Grandparents Paid a Phone Scammer

What do AI voice clones, $3,000 in wired cash, a lost wedding ring, and a Toledo prison have in common? This episode on the coverage issues presented when a family […]