Help! They Stole My Facebook Followers!

[Recorded LIVE at the 2024 Claims Conference in Boston, MA!] The two head pastors of a megachurch had a falling out. One pastor left to start his own ministry, but […]

I Crashed My Bike Into a Tree

Is a recycle bin a “vehicle”? Does a car antenna ripping a coat fall under the Vehicles peril? How about a poorly secured wedding dress in the backseat of a […]

There’s Honey in the Walls

In this episode, Mike, Alissha, and Tim answer everything you’ve ever wanted to know about bees, as long as you wanted to know if damage by bees was covered under […]

Help! All My Apes are Gone

NFTs may not be fungible, but they are transferable, and they are sometimes stolen with no traditional recourse. The PLRB crew discuss Bored Apes, acronyms, whether pixels are physical, and […]

My Son Set Off Fireworks in My House

Is there an exclusion for stupid? Join Alissha, Mike, and Tim to discuss bad decisions, wedding rings stuck on fingers, dumpster fires, and whether the choice to set off a […]