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Affiliate Membership Dues

Affiliate member dues are based on the number of employees you have and the percent of your business that is related to Insurance. There is a base fee of $850, plus $7.50/employee multiplied by the percent of your business that comes from serving the Insurance industry.


For example, if you have 100 employees and half of your business is in the Insurance industry, your dues would be:

$850 + (100 x $7.50) x (50%) = $1,225

Affiliate Dues Calculator

For an approximation of your annual dues, please enter your details below. You may enter decimals for the number of employees (e.g., 7.5 FTEs if you have a part-time employee), but please use whole percentages for the portion of your business that is in the insurance industry, rounding up to the nearest percent if necessary (e.g., 12.5% becomes 13%).

For an approximate calculation of your annual Affiliate Member dues, please enter the following information.
Total Number of Employees
Percent of Insurance Related Business (use whole numbers)

For additional information and pricing please contact Tom O’Dowd at 630-724-2224 or todowd@plrb.org

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