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Sleepy Hollow, Illinois Building Codes

Updated : 04/22/2024


Sleepy Hollow, IL has adopted the 2003 International Codes, with amendments, including the 2003 IRC and IBC. Sleepy Hollow, IL Muni. Codes § 7-1A-1 (IRC adoption and amendments) and § 7-1A-3 (IBC adoption with amendments). 

Helpful resources for Sleepy Hollow, Illinois include the following.

Residential Building Code

Illinois has yet to adopt a statewide residential code. Local laws will control.See PLRB, Illinois Building Codes for more information on state level codes.

Sleepy Hollow adopted the 2003 IRC, locally. Note that adoptions usually come with amendments. So, it is important to review those amendments in addition to the unamended model code.

You can find a copy of the model code here.

You can find information about amendments to the model code here.

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See sterling(Sleepy Hollow, IL Municipal Code)

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2021 IRC(Sleepy Hollow, IL CHAPTER 1 CODES)

...TITLE 7 BUILDING REGULATIONS CHAPTER 1 CODES SECTION: 7-1-1 : Codes On File 7-1-2 : Adoption Of The International Building Code, 2021 Edition 7-1-3 : Adoption Of The International Existing Building Code, 2021 Edition 7-1-4 : Adoption Of The International Fire Code, 2021 Edition 7-1-5 : Adoption Of The National Electric Code, 2020 Edition 7-1-6 : Adoption Of The International Mechanical Code, 2021 Edition 7-1-7 : Adoption Of The International Fuel Gas Code, 2021 Edition 7-1-8: Adoption Of The International Swimming Pool And Spa Code, 2021 Edition 7-1-9: The Illinois State Plumbing Code And Adoption Of The International Plumbing Code, 2021 Edition 7-1-10: Illinois State Energy Conservation Code, Current Edition 7-1-11: Adoption Of The International Residential Code, 2021 Edition 7-1-12: Adoption Of The International Property Maintenance Code, 2021 Edition 7-1-13: Building Permits 7-1-14: Consultant And Professional Fees 7-1-15: Penalty...

See Muni. Code(Sleepy Hollow, IL Municipal Code)

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Drip Edge

Drip Edge: no

Ice Barrier

Are ice barriers required for Sleepy Hollow ? Undetermined
Government Officials
Last Name First Name Title E-mail Phone Note
Code Enforcement Officer codeenforcement@sleepyhollowil.org 847/426-6700. Ext 1712

Commercial Building Code

Sleepy Hollow adopted You can find a copy of the code here.You can find information about amendments to the model code here.

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2021 IBC(Sleepy Hollow, IL Sec. 7-1-2. - Adoption of the International Building Code, 2021 edition.)

...A. The International Building Code™, 2021 edition, including Appendix Chapters C, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, and N, published by the International Code Council, Inc., be and is hereby adopted as the Building Code of the Village of Sleepy Hollow, Kane County, Illinois, for the control of building and structures...

See Amlegal(Sleepy Hollow, IL Municipal Code)

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See sterling(Sleepy Hollow, IL 7-1A-3: INTERNATIONAL BUILDING CODE:)

...7-1A-3: INTERNATIONAL building code:A. Adoption: The village shall, and hereby does, adopt as the regulations governing the conditions and mainten...

Existing Buildings

Sleepy Hollow, IL did not adopt the IEBC, therefore Chapter 34 of the IBC would apply.


Other Building Codes

Sleepy Hollow, IL also adopted the following codes:

2003 International Mechanical Code. Sleepy Hollow, IL Muni. Code § 7-1A-2.

2002 National Electrical Code (NFPA 70). Sleepy Hollow, IL Muni. Code § 7-1A-4.

2003 International Property Maintenance Code. Sleepy Hollow, IL Muni. Code § 7-1A-5.

1995 CABO Model Energy Code. Sleepy Hollow, IL Muni. Code § 7-1A-6.

2003 International Fire Code. Sleepy Hollow, IL Muni. Code § 7-1A-7.

2003 International Performance Code. Sleepy Hollow, IL Muni. Code § 7-1A-8.