About Property & Liability Resource Bureau Reference Publications

PLRB Search

PLRB Search is a vast repository of property and liability insurance legal and claims handling information, constantly being updated, revised, and added to. Printed out, the contents would fill more than 30 lineal feet of shelf space.  The subject and text fields of more than 33,000 documents are searchable by word or phrase, by state, and the search engine we use also supports sophisticated Boolean searches, as well as ordinary table of contents browsing. Among the contents available to The Property & Liability Resource Bureau insurer members:

Adjuster Resource Sheets 

These are 1-2 page documents focused on particular types of common claims, such as a water loss, collapse, condo, or ALE claim.  These documents provide approximately ten questions to consider before speaking to an insured or investigating a loss.  They are not checklists, but simply provide issues that potentially could arise under certain kinds of common losses.  Under the Adjuster Resource Sheets category, PLRB also offers decision tree coverage analysis to help adjusters analyze coverage for both Commercial and Homeowners claims.

Poilicy Annotations

The Property & Liability Resource Bureau Policy Annotations form the backbone of our reference services. Each volume contains an exhaustive analysis of the interpretation and application of policy provisions.

Property Policy Annotations

  • Homeowners Annotations–Section I
  • Forms Section II Liability Coverages
  • Businessowners Property Annotations 
  • Commercial Property Forms Annotations 
  • Business Income Coverage Annotations
  • Builders' Risk Coverage Annotations

Liability Policy Annotations

  • Annotations to the Readable Homeowners Forms Section II Liability Coverages 
  • Personal Auto Policy Annotations
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy Annotations 
  • Garage Policy Annotations 
  • Underinsured Motorists Endorsements Annotations
  • Annotations To Commercial Liability Pollution Endorsement Forms 

State by State Topics

Many coverage issues addressed in ten or more states by statute or case law are discussed in state-by-state format with links to each state's discussion from maps and/or 50-state grids.  The topics span statutory/regulatory issues, the definition of insured persons, exclusions and perils, causation, conditions, and valuation.

Case Law Reviews

Our staff attorneys research and report on all current, relevant case law across the country to keep members informed of the most up-to-date legal precedent.  All of The Property & Liability Resource Bureau Law Reviews Articles are published on our home page and added to the database at least weekly, include summaries of decisions from courts at all levels, and include free links to the full text of the court opinions where possible.  Our law reviews incorporate analyses of these cases and comment on how the decisions can be applied to claims scenarios.  They point out potentially troublesome judicial approaches and explain how the newest opinions relate to existing case law. 

Property Services

Property Insurance Law Review - Analyses of relevant nationwide property insurance case law.

Property & Liability Services

Homeowners Liability Insurance Law Review - Analyses of relevant Homeowners Section II case law from across the country.

Liability Services

Auto Insurance Law Review - Covers decisions on auto liability, UM, UIM, physical damage, and no-fault coverages.

Commercial Liability Insurance Law Review - Focuses on latest developments in commercial liability insurance case law relating to CGL, Businessowners, and Garage policies.

Environmental Liability Insurance Law Review - Covers the critical and rapidly evolving environmental liability insurance case law.

Homeowners Liability Insurance Law Review - Reports on decisions involving Homeowners Section II liability coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed analysis of coverage questions most frequently asked of PLRB staff.  This list of topics is regularly updated to address current trends in issues of greatest current concern to our members.

Coverage Questions

Over 15,000 individual coverage questions submitted over the past 30 years by the claims and underwriting staffs of PLRB's member insurers are analyzed by PLRB staff attorneys. The questions state the facts dealt with, applicable policy language, the staff analysis, and the detailed reasoning supporting that analysis. 

General Reference - Property

  • Backup and Overflow
  • COVID-19 Coverage Issues
  • Catastrophe Bulletins 
  • Collapse
  • Contractor's Overhead and Profit
  • Depreciation of Labor
  • Foreclosure Activity and the Mortgage Clause
  • Mold, Mildew, Fungus, and Fungi
  • Reservation of Rights Letters and Nonwaiver Agreements

General Reference - Liability

  • Techno-Torts in Commercial Liability Policies
  • Negotiation Techniques
  • Science of Settlement
  • Premises Liability Law
  • Mediation Techniques
  • Adjuster's Guide

Test Your Coverage Knowledge and Test Your Claims Knowledge

Popular alternating weekly features of our Web site pose coverage or technical claims knowledge scenarios and then give staff analysis of the questions raised by those scenarios.  Past entries are all cataloged in our database for information retrieval, self-study, or internal training purposes.

Claims Conference and Other Educational Meeting Handouts

Detailed group study and reference materials generated by industry experts retained by PLRB to conduct the workshops and seminars at our annual Claims Conferences and other educational meetings such as mold, terrorism, large losses, regional adjusters conferences, construction defects, and PLRB/FDCC meetings.  The topics deal with a vast array of both legal and technical aspects of property and liability coverages and are grouped under the general headings of:  adjusting property, business interruption, casualty; catastrophes; fraud; fungus; general interest (e.g., soft skills, communication, business writing); large loss; management; property coverage; special investigations (fraud); subrogation; and technology.  In addition to archiving these handouts in our Searchdatabase, the most recent handouts are also available on the Seminar Handouts page of our Web site.