PLRB has various online videos explaining our various products and services. They are found in various locations on our website. For your convenience, this week I'm attaching a list that contains a link to all of these videos, with an explanation of each one. Note that some trainers have found that occasionally sending out one or more of these links to their staff adjusters has helped maintain awareness of their company's PLRB membership, as well as assisting with claims handling efficiency.

Beginning on the PLRB homepage (, the following materials may be accessed:

1. Coverage Research Tab: hover cursor over the “Coverage Research” tab to display menu, then click on “PLRB Services Training Videos” to access the following:

a. PLRB Search - Subject, State, Text Search Demo (5:08)—Video demo explaining how to search PLRB’s database using PLRB Search search engine

b. PLRB Search by Google (5:35)—Video demo explaining how to search PLRB’s database using the PLRB Search powered by Google search engine

c. PLRB Search - State Annotations Demo (6:53)—Video demo explaining how to access PLRB’s State-by-State compendiums

d. PLRB Search - Recorded Webinar (December 2015) (18:21)—Recorded webinar presented by David Fox, Coverage Counsel for PLRB. It offers a more in-depth tutorial on using PLRB Search coverage database search engine. The program includes tips on how to locate pertinent coverage information in PLRB's extensive coverage database. Using our powerful search engine provides access to decades of coverage research, up to the minute state-by-state reference connections to statutes, rules, regulations, and much more.

2. Weather/Cats Tab : hover cursor over “Weather/Cats” tab to display drop-down menu, then hover over “Reference” to bring up sub-menu and click on one of the following:

a. PLRB Catastrophe Services Reference Materials--access to a series of reference documents related to catastrophes, policyholder communications, communicating with catastrophe survivors, and catastrophe claims management

b. Online Training--access to the following webinars:

PLRB Catastrophe Services Overview Webinar (45 minutes) 
New to PLRB Catastrophe Services? Interested in learning about our new Maps & Apps Portal and how to conduct address-specific searches for hail, high wind, and lightning probability? This Webinar includes a short PowerPoint presentation, a tour of some of the Weather/CATS portions of the PLRB website, and demos using the new Maps & Apps Portal. Recorded 5/10/2017.

Wind/Tornado Research Web App (11 minutes) 
Conduct an address specific search to determine if any wind or tornado storm spotter reports were reported for a specific date or dates. National Weather Service damage assessment surveys which include tornado tracks and damage points are also displayed. Daily summaries from over 1,200 weather observation stations across the U.S. are also available.

Hail Research Web App (7 minutes) 
Conduct an address-specific search to determine if any hail spotter reports were reported for a specific date or dates. You may also search for NEXRAD maximum hail size estimates data.

View PLRB data in an ArcGIS Online Map (5 minutes) 
View PLRB archived peril data in an ArcGIS Online map (you must have ArcGIS Online organization account)

Historical database and PLRB Map (8 minutes) 
Conduct hail and high wind/wind damage searches using the Historical Database and PLRB Map.

c. How to Use Catastrophe Services —provides access to a wealth of reference materials, including PDF documents and video tutorials, which assist users in using services such as PLRB’s Maps and Apps Portal, Map Research, Historical Database Research, Lightning Probability, Current Weather, and other weather-related research tools.

d. Occurrence Numbers —provides access to current and historical occurrence data

3. Education --hover cursor over “Education” to display menu, hover over “Webinars,” and click on “PLRB Tutorials” to access the following videos:

a. PLRB MAP: Analyzing PLRB Weather/Catastrophe Data (39:55) 
PLRB Map is an interactive map that enables on-line access to a large database of severe weather and catastrophe data. Users can also view map layers such as the National Weather Service watches/warnings, current radar, damage assessments, tropical storm tracks, and severe weather forecasts. Other map layers available include GeoMAC fire perimeters and USGS earthquakes and ground shaking intensity. Users can also find lightning probability, hail, and wind estimates for a given area. (December 4, 2015).

b. PLRB Web Services (44:24) 
This Webinar on PLRB Web Services was presented by David Fox, Coverage Counsel for PLRB. Explore the various products and services offered through the PLRB website. In addition to Coverage Research to help find pertinent coverage information, there is information on Building Codes, the Weather/Catastrophe data which also includes lightning probability, and a discussion of Modules that allow adjusters to receive CE credit from the various states that require such credit. (February 2016).

4. About Us --hover over the “About Us” tab to display menu, then hover over “PLRB Services,” and click on “Services Videos” to access the following:

a. Introduction (1:37) - brief introduction to the various departments of PLRB

b. Building Code Services (3:44) - overview of the services provided by the Building Codes team

c. Catastrophe Services (4:33) - overview of the services provided by the Weather/Cats team

d. Education and Technical Services (10:27) - overview of the services provided by the Education team

e. Liability Legal Services (5:17) - overview of the services provided by the Liability team

f. Property Legal Services (6:36) - overview of the services provided by the Property team

g. PLRB Search Demo (17:11) - overview of three methods of searching for information using PLRB Search

h. Conclusion (0:44) - providing contact information