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Evers & Associates, Inc.

Evers & Associates Insurance Adjusters has over 200 years staff experience. Evers & Associates services include: Property Loss Claims, Appraisal Processes, Mediation Attendance, Large Loss Specialists, Auto Physical Damage, Auto & Big Truck Liability, Big Truck & Heavy Equipment Appraisals, General Casualty Liability, and Witness Location. We Serve AL, TN and parts of the Southeast. Ever Reliable, Ever Responsive, Ever Reputable; visit us at!

Contact Information

Micky Evers
P.O. Box 6045
Huntsville AL 35813

Areas of Service

Art Restoration
Liability/Casualty Adjusting
Large Loss/Catastrophe Services
Accident Scene Investigation
Property Adjusting
Expert Witness Testimony
Electronic/Equipment Restoration


Evers & Associates, Inc. P.O. Box 36156, Birmingham, AL, 35236 205-824-3336
Evers & Associates, Inc. 1247 Rucker Blvd., Suite 12, Enterprise, AL, 36330 334-464-2973
Evers & Associates, Inc. P.O. Box 6045, Huntsville, AL, 35813 256-772-0540