Individual Subscribers and Participants

Information about You

Individual subscribers and participants include anyone:

PLRB collects your name, contact details, and professionals credentials for purposes of providing association services. PLRB also uses this information to provide you paper and electronic communications with industry news, weather and catastrophe news, educational content, and information on upcoming meetings, conferences, distance learning courses, and webinars. PLRB does not sell this contact information with others to use for their marketing purposes.

Credit card details are not saved by PLRB and are processed by a reputable credit card service though secure channels. Billing paperwork is kept seven years.

Information about Usage

PLRB logs usage records of services provided including library searches and consultations sought. Record collection, storage, and transfer incorporates encryption and access safeguards. Membership participation is archived in general terms. Specific details of questions are deleted permanently. Likewise, most specific research responses are deleted and replaced by an abbreviated summary record or, in some instances, psuedonymization or anonymization is used and a generic version of the research question along with the written response is added to a research database for access by anyone.

PLRB maintains transcripts of work towards completion and completed distance learning courses and webinars. For webinars, a webinar vendor likewise collects information from participants when hosting events for PLRB.

How We Share Your Information

Usage log and usage records are shared internally by PLRB. Where requested by you, completion information for educational courses are forwarded to a state CE authority.

Management administrators of individual PLRB member companies have access to certain management pages on the PLRB website. In general, management at member companies can learn which of their employees signed up for a user account, subscribed to electronic publications, submitted questions, attended PLRB educational events, and other information regarding usage by those using accounts associated with their company.

Purpose and Legal Basis for Processing

The legal basis PLRB relies on to process your personal data to provide most services is GDPR, Article 6(1)(f), which allows us to process personal data when its necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests. However, some of the processing is based on legal requirements for CE processing and contract for others.

Your Rights

You have rights of access, rectification, restriction, and objection. PLRB provides self-help user portals which allow you to opt out of newsletters and publications and update all of your contact and professional information as well as view any information collected and stored about you.

PLRB provides you with a self-help portal to change your information (e.g., name, address, phone number, password, subscriptions, etc.) at Registrants from conferences may change their registration informationation at You can also contact us at 630 724 2200 or plrb-main@plrb.organd request changes.

PLRB publishes various e-mail newsletters and publications. Each newsletter or publication includes specific instructions for removing your e-mail address from the mailing list. You can also remove your name from certain mailing lists bychanging your profileon line at You can also contact us at 630 724 2200 or plrb-main@plrb.organd request such changes.