General Information

This privacy notice informs you of how PLRB collects and uses your personal data when you make contact with PLRB, use one of our services, or participate in one of PLRB’s events.

PLRB intends to make appropriate efforts under the law to openly disclose the lawful purposes for processing your personal data, the retention period for that personal data, and who it might be shared with.

Contact Us

If you would like to update data personal data that PLRB uses for you, please contact our service representatives. Normal business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., Monday through Friday. Note that you may email or leave us a message anytime.

We can be reached via e-mail

You can reach us by telephone at 1-630-724-2200

Our postal address is:

Property & Liability Research Bureau

3025 Highland Parkway, Suite 800

Downers Grove, IL 60515

If you have any concerns regarding data privacy at PLRB, please contact the office of the general counsel for PLRB.

Len Murphy

VP & General Counsel

Property & Liability Resource Bureau

630 724 2213

3025 Highland Parkway, Suite 800

Downers Grove, IL 60515

How PLRB acquires your information

Most of the personal information PLRB processes is provided to us directly by you (or your agent) for one of the following reasons:

We also receive personal information indirectly in the following scenarios:

PLRB will contact you to let you know we are processing your personal information provided such notice does not involve a disproportionate effort, is impossible, or if you are deemed to already have knowledge.

Data Protection Rights

The PLRB has created this privacy notice in order to demonstrate its firm commitment to privacy for our web site users, our membership, event participants, staff, and volunteers. The notice discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices. The privacy statement may change at any time; any changes will be posted on this page. Should you have questions, comments, or concerns please contact us.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European Union (EU) law that protects data rights only for people in the EU. Nonetheless, PLRB makes efforts to meet the spirit of the law for all users in furtherance of PLRB’s goals of providing outstanding member service, service to the industry, and others. PLRB encourages everyone to take advantage of data protection services provided by PLRB to help you protect your data privacy. Below is a list of services derived from those GDPR rights.

Right of access. You may request that PLRB disclosure to you your data which it is processing. In most instances, PLRB provides web portals that allow you to see your own data and make corrections or even download the information.

Right of rectification. You may request that PLRB correct or add to your data which it is processing. In most instances, PLRB provides web portals that allow you to see your own data and make corrections.

Right to Erasure. This is also known as the “right to be forgotten.” You may ask PLRB to erase and cease using your information. Note that the right is not absolute; exceptions include justifiable reasons to keep the data, such as for a contract, an overriding existing legitimate interest in the data, or pursuant to a litigation hold. Contact PLRB if you wish to be forgotten by the Association.

Right to restrict processing. In some situations, complete erasure goes too far or does not adequately meet your interests. For instance, limitations can be appropriate during accuracy checks, litigation holds, and objections to scope of use of the data. As middle ground, you may request restrictions be placed on the processing of data either permanently or for time needed for legal and practical reasons. You may contact PLRB about requesting restrictions. Also, note that PLRB provides a web portal that allows you to change your profile settings regarding services you receive, thus restricting certain processing.

Right to data portability. Where you’ve given us data for contracts or based on your express consent, you may request that this data be sent to you or another organization. In most instances, PLRB provides web portals that allow you to see your own data and copy it. You pay no charge or fee for exercising this right. PLRB will timely respond to requests, and in any event in no more than one month.

Right to object. Lastly, you may advise PLRB that you object to certain processing of your data. Much, if not all, of the processing we do as an association is done for purposes of providing services to you as a member of the industry. Under the GDPR, PLRB has a “legitimate interest” in doing that. However, you may wish for some of these services to cease such as receipt of information about upcoming events. You may object to this type of processing by contacting us or making changes to your profile by visiting a self-service portal on the PLRB website or by clicking on links in email messages permitting you to unsubscribe.

Right to Prevent Profiling or Automated Processing with Legal Consequences. You have the right to withdraw consent for any automated processing of your data that results in profiling or causing you legal consequences. In other words, you have a right to human intervention, oversight, and review of algorithm or machine type automated decisions that could impact you.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European Union (EU) law that protects data rights of people in the EU. The law includes a requirement that some companies appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to audit their data practices and perform other duties. PLRB is not required to have a GDPR DPO. If you have questions, the office of the general counsel can discuss and address questions regarding data and procedural audits at PLRB.