Learning Paths

Here at the Property & Liability Resource Bureau, we create many different types of resources for our members:

  • Our coverage attorneys create detailed policy annotations, state-by-state surveys, in-brief case summaries, and coverage questions for our database.
  • PLRB's weather department provides historical and breaking weather/CATs data, interactive maps, and a number of useful web apps.
  • The building code attorneys have created a comprehensive building code database with adoptions, interactive diagrams, and online learning.
  • PLRB.org's online education section contains slides from our numerous conferences, CE-accredited online courses, monthly topical webinars, bi-weekly podcasts, and more.

All of this just scratches the surface of the great resources created by the PLRB team. With Learning Paths, we can gather these great resources together so that you can access them all in one convenient place and track your progress.

  1. On the first page you will see a list of resources. Click the down arrow to proceed.
  2. On each page, you will be asked to watch a video, read an article, or take a quiz. Check your progress any time by clicking the menu button in the upper left.
  3. At the end, you will see your progress. If you've completed everything, you will see green checkmarks. On this page you can share your progress.

Learning Paths are a great way to customize your training to the needs of your team! PLRB creates and curates plenty of Learning Paths for your use (see examples below). All you have to do to assign a Learning Path to your team is to share the link. (You can either copy-pasting it, or click "Instructions" on the first page of any Learning Path to see a "click to send email" button.) When your team member completes the Learning Path, on the last page there is a link on the bottom to "email progress" back to you. (If you would like to test out an experimental way to track your team without asking them to self-report, please contact me at bmcloughlin@plrb.org.) Please note, your team will all need to make individual PLRB accounts. They will be prompted to make an account if they don't have one, and it is easy and free for all PLRB member company employees with no impact on your company's fees.

We are also experimenting with a way to allow you, the team leader / supervisor / trainer, to create your own Learning Paths! Just about any resource PLRB produces can be added into a Learning Path, so you can specifically customize what you want your team to learn. Test this feature at this link, and let us know using this form if you have any feedback.

You can also ask PLRB to make a Learning Path for you. We would love to know what your team needs. Contact us at bmcloughlin@plrb.org and let us know what topic you would like a Learning Path on.

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