Property Case In Brief

Galaxy Wireless, LLC v. W. Nat’l Mut. Ins. Co. (2024)

Valued Policy statute did not apply to tenants improvements and betterments which were a part of Business Personal Property coverage. Minnesota’s Valued Policy law, when read in conjunction with the state’s Standard Fire Policy statutes, mandated total-loss coverage up to the full policy limit only for buildings, not other kinds of property. Regarding provisions which void the policy for misrepresentation or fraud, only willful or intentional misstatements calculated to deceive the insurer operate to void the policy, and this is a question of fact for the jury.

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Yacullo v. AIG Prop. Cas. Co. (2024)

Insurable interest in the engagement ring presented a factual question as to whether the ring was a conditional or unconditional gift. If the ring was given as a conditional gift, the policyholder had an insurable interest. However, the insurer presented evidence supporting its argument that the ring was intended to be an unconditional gift.

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