AL - INVENTORY SHORTAGE - Exclusion applied to employee theft of energy drinks
DC - MATCHING - Costs of matching damaged limestone panels was covered
FL - ENSUING LOSS - Damage resulting from a pool rising above ground was excluded
NY - ENSUING LOSS - Damage from water bursting from a water main was not an ensuing loss caused by explosion
TX - DEATH CLAUSE - Personal property of the deceased was not covered under a Texas HO-A policy

IN - Employment-Related Practices Exclusion Barred Coverage for Defamation Claim
KY - Criminal Acts Exclusion Did Not Preclude Coverage for Injury Caused by Bottle Rocket
LA - Fleeing Police Exclusion Barred Coverage for Pedestrian Struck by Car
ME - Umbrella Policy Did Not Provide UM Coverage
WI - Manure in a Well Was a Pollutant

Solar shingles? Hmm? Is that up to code?

Could lightning have damaged insured's property?

Nevada Governor Signs Bill Limiting Construction Defect Suits

Water Distribution Piping in Homes and Common Problems

Cold Weather Losses: Freezing, Weight of Ice & Snow, & Collapse

Did you Know? The PLRB is an association governed by member company employees
What is Medical Coding?

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