CA - PROXIMATE CAUSE - Wildfire was the efficient proximate cause of settling and cracking damage within the insured home
CA - REPLACEMENT COST - Failure to repair did not preclude replacement cost recovery
FL - PROMPT NOTICE - Notice given more than 4 years after Hurricane Wilma was not prompt
LA - EUO - Refusal to submit to EUO and produce records did not warrant dismissal
PA - INSURED - Grandson who boarded with grandparents did not reside in their household

IL - Faulty Workmanship Was Not an Occurrence or Property Damage
IL - Your Product Exclusion Barred Defense
MI - Insured Not Entitled to UIM Coverage
TX - Insured Entitled to UIM Benefits
TX - Passengers Not Entitled to UM Benefits
UT - Faulty Workmanship Was an Occurrence

Domestic Animals Exclusion: Applicable to Feral Cats?

New Law - 10 Year Battery Smoke Detectors

National Weather Service Precipitation Summary Table

Florida Auto Body Shop Case Dismissed

Is Economic Loss Covered as Property Damage?

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