FL - BAD FAITH - Only liability must be determined, not breach of contract
FL - SINKHOLE COVERAGE - Statutory definition of "structural damage" was part of the policy
MS - APPRAISAL - Failure to select appraiser within 20 days did not bar the policyholders' lawsuit
NY - EMPLOYEE DISHONESTY - NY - Direct compensation for an "employee" could be paid from an account held by a related business entity
OR - REPLACEMENT COST - Property did not have to be repaired or replaced within two years

CA - Auto Policy's Nonrelative Resident Exclusion Was Inapplicable
LA - Named Driver Exclusion Barred Coverage for Negligent Entrustment
NJ - Additional Insured Endorsement Provided Coverage for Landlord
NJ - No Duty to Defend Breach of Contract Claim
OH - CGL Policy Did Not Provide Coverage for Altercation
WI - Towing Truck from Lake Did Not Trigger Liability Coverage

Direct Physical Loss and Pollution From Bad Odor

Three useful Things to Know about EQ Damage and Building Codes

PLRB Map Peril History Search Increased to Five Years

Does Homeowners Policy Cover Damage to a Contractor's Skytrak Used by Insured Without Permission?

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