AR - FAULTY WORKMANSHIP - Exclusion for "the cost of making good" did not apply to lost business income
FL - CHINESE DRYWALL - High humidity was not a concurrent covered cause of loss
IL - EARTH MOVEMENT - Exclusion precluded coverage for mine subsidence
MA - SEEPAGE AND LEAKAGE - Even if the initial event was sudden, the leakage exclusion applied
PA - MORTGAGE - Mortgagee's recovery of insurance proceeds after foreclosure and sale was limited to the deficiency

IL - CGL Policy Did Not Provide Coverage for Injury on Yacht
MN - Accident Victim Entitled to Excess UIM Coverage
MN - Homeowners Policy Did Not Provide Coverage for ATV Accident
OH - Policy Ambiguous as to Whether Additional Evidence of Hit-and-Run Accident Must be Independent of Insured's Testimony
OK - CGL Policy Excluded Coverage for Injury During Birthday Party

Falling Objects: Tree Limb Knocked Hearing Aid Out

Restaurant Fire: Does the existing gas oven get ventilation?

Lightning Probability Forecast Data Available on PLRB Map

Can a Shooting Victim Make a Valid UM Claim?

Two Screens are Better Than One

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