CA - REPLACEMENT COST - Insurance Commissioner lacked authority for regulating replacement cost estimates
IA - ANTI-CONCURRENT - Preface to flood exclusion was enforced to preclude coverage for sewer back up
MA - PROPERTY AT OTHER RESIDENCES - 10% limit applied to property at former family vacation home
MI - OTHER INSURANCE - Insurer had a right to subrogation but not to contribution from the other primary insurer
NJ - MISSING PROPERTY - Evidence supporting an inference of theft was not enough to explain what happened

IL/NJ - Insurer Had Duty to Defend But No Duty to Indemnify Additional Insured
LA - New UM Coverage Waiver Required for Subsequent Policy
TN - Rental Car Owned by Self-Insurer Was Not Uninsured Motor Vehicle
TX - Infringing Homes Were Advertisements
WI- Total Pollution Exclusion Precluded a Defense

Seismic Straps on Hot Water Tank: Ordinance Law Coverage in Wear-and-Tear Claim?

Did Large Hail Damage Insured's Property? Find out with PLRB Map's new methodology using NEXRAD hail streak estimate data

CMS Announces Webinar on "Applicable Plan" Appeals

Traps and Floor Drain Problems

Wearable Mobile Devices are Coming On

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