CO - EARTH MOVEMENT - Exclusion only applied to earth movement due to natural causes
ID - INNOCENT COINSURED - Intentional loss and misrepresentation must be evaluated separately as to each insured
IL - NEGLECT - Exclusion did not apply to pre-loss neglect of damage caused by another peril
MS - VALUATION - "Nothing if others pay for repairs or replacement" did not preclude recovery
SUBROGATION - Landlord - tenant 50 state survey

IL - College Student Away at School Was Covered Under Father's Auto Policy
IL - No Duty to Defend Insured Against Copyright Infringement Claim
MI - Car Rental Company Required to Maintain PIP Coverage on Rental Car
MN - Complaint Did Not Allege Infringement of Slogan
OR - Drive-By Shooting Potentially Covered Under UM Provision

Where exactly is the 25% rule spelled out for the Florida roof repair requirements?

Did excessive rain damage insured's property?

Building Inspection Game #2

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