AL - INVENTORY SHORTAGE - Exclusion applied to employee theft of energy drinks
DC - MATCHING - Costs of matching damaged limestone panels was covered
FL - ENSUING LOSS - Damage resulting from a pool rising above ground was excluded
NY - ENSUING LOSS - Damage from water bursting from a water main was not an ensuing loss caused by explosion
TX - DEATH CLAUSE - Personal property of the deceased was not covered under a Texas HO-A policy

IN - Employment-Related Practices Exclusion Barred Coverage for Defamation Claim
KY - Criminal Acts Exclusion Did Not Preclude Coverage for Injury Caused by Bottle Rocket
LA - Fleeing Police Exclusion Barred Coverage for Pedestrian Struck by Car
ME - Umbrella Policy Did Not Provide UM Coverage
WI - Manure in a Well Was a Pollutant

Solar shingles? Hmm? Is that up to code?

Could lightning have damaged insured's property?

Water Distribution Piping in Homes and Common Problems

Cold Weather Losses: Freezing, Weight of Ice & Snow, & Collapse

Did you Know? The PLRB is an association governed by member company employees
What is Medical Coding?

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