FL - SEEPAGE AND LEAKAGE - Exclusion was ambiguous as applied to high volume leak over time
MI - 5TH AMENDMENT- Employee's refusal to testify did not warrant dismissal of employer's claims
NY - EARTH MOVEMENT - Exclusion with anti-concurrent causation preface precluded coverage for collapse of concrete floor
TX - INSURABLE INTEREST - was not impaired by post-loss sale of the insured property

CA - Employment-Related Practices Exclusion Barred Coverage for False Imprisonment
CT - Subsequent Insurer Required to Pay Pro Rata Share of Defense Costs
KY - Each Named Insured Must Individually Waive UM Coverage
MN - Question of Fact Existed as to Whether Intentional Acts Exclusion Applied
WI - Owned But Uninsured Exclusion Unambiguous

IL – App. Ct. says auto insurer must pay theft loss where purchaser paid insureds with fraudulent check
KY – App. Ct. holds that statute of limitations on underinsured motorist claims begins to run upon denial of claim
LA – Federal 5th Circuit certifies two insurer bad faith questions to Louisiana Supreme Court
NJ – App. Ct. says 'your product' exclusion bars coverage for defective product claim
TN – S.Ct. says sheriff’s deputy not entitled to UM benefits from Tennessee Risk Management Trust insuring county
TX – S.Ct. refuses to recognize stigma damages (damage to reputation of realty)

What are Code Requirements for CO & Smoke Detectors and Sprinklers in New Residences?

Did extremely low temperatures contribute to burst pipes?

Carpet Tack Strips: Estimating the Duration of a Water Loss

Certified or Registered Mail Requirements: State-by-State Information Added

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