Information Release



Contact:   Hugh Strawn




Date:   August 3, 2015  


State-by-State Claim Information Online at PLRB.ORG

An exclusive service for member insurer employees


Claims information is available state-by-state in PLRB Search.  If employees of PLRB member insurance companies are looking for information on collapse in Florida or proof of loss in Maryland, this is where they should start. 


State-by-State Information for Florida

PLRB Search tool available exclusively to PLRB Member Insurance Companies


A PLRB member insurance company claims adjuster is working in a claim call center in Illinois.  Information is needed on coverage for collapse in Florida for a claim that has just been received.  Florida, however, is a state where the adjuster has little direct knowledge of the insurance regulations and laws.  PLRB Search can help the adjuster find state-specific claim information quickly.


The Florida-specific information will introduce the adjuster to the issue of collapse in the state.  It will also provide a discussion on the subject and link to relevant case law on the subject.


The State-By-State feature of PLRB Search is designed to exclusively assist PLRB member insurance company employees to quickly locating information for each state.  This time-saving services is continuously updated with the latest information by PLRB's casualty and property coverage attorneys. 


Membership information for the Property & Liability Resource Bureau, a not-for-profit association of property and casualty insurance companies, is available by contacting Paul Dispensa, Vice President, PLRB, at 


The PLRB is located in Downers Grove, Illinois.