Information Release



Contact:   Hugh Strawn




Date:   May 7, 2015  


PLRB - An Association Governed by its Members

Member Company Executives Guide the PLRB


PLRB's Products and Services Committee, a group of claims managers who volunteer their time to help PLRB plan the possible new services to be delivered next year, met recently to begin planning for 2016.  The PSC is part of a unique planning process that helps ensure the PLRB remains in touch with the claim department needs of the member companies. 


The PLRB is carefully guided in its development of products and services by volunteers.  PLRB differs from other service providers because we are a not-for-profit member-driven association.  The products and services you rely on each day have been developed with the recommendations, suggestions, and guidance of the


Products and Services Committee


PLRB Advisory Board


Claims Conference Committee


Tech-Savvy Committee


Volunteers donate their time and expertise on each committee.  Without their guidance the information and data that PLRB member company employees have access to would be much different.


In addition to the member insurance company volunteers, the PLRB also receives advice and guidance from representatives of the PLRB Affiliate members.  These volunteers are employees of claims service providers, many of whom exhibit at the Insurance Services Expo.  Many also sponsor the Claims Conference, the three Regional Adjusters Conferences, the Large Loss Conference, and PLRB's Distance Learning Modules.


The PLRB Affiliate members interact daily with insurance company claims adjusters and policyholders.  They provide a unique perspective that helps the PLRB recognize developing issues.  Often new products and services evolve from our discussions with members of the


Affiliate Members Advisory Board


Eastern Regional Affiliate Member Advisory Board


Midwestern Regional Affiliate Member Advisory Board


Western Regional Affiliate Member Advisory Board


Each PLRB volunteer advisor is nominated by their company.  President Thomas Mallin reviews the nominations and extends invitations as positions become open. 


Every time a member company employee refers to a state-by-state chart to check a statute or regulation, earn adjuster continuing education with a Distance Learning Module, or look up address-specific hail data on PLRB Map they are using a service that  began with a recommendation as part of PLRB's governance process.


The Property & Liability Resource Bureau is a not-for-profit association of property and casualty insurance companies.  It is located in Downers Grove, Illinois.