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Contact:   Hugh Strawn




Date:   May 1, 2015  


Spoliation 101

A PLRB/NASP Subro Investigation for Adjuster Series


The next in this year's series of subrogation investigation webinars is "Spoliation 101."  The webinar series is a joint educational project of the PLRB and the National Association of Subrogation Professionals.



Spoliation will frequently become an issue in a subrogation action.  The joint PLRB/NASP webinar, "Spoliation 101", will discuss the definition of spoliation.  This no-fee webinar is available to employees of PLRB member insurance companies and affiliate members.


Attendees at the session will learn that spoliation can involve documents, as well as physical evidence relating to liability issues.  The documents may be relevant to issues in the case, such as damages. 


The presentation will educate the attendees on various scenarios, such as when the potential for spoliation arises and how to avoid or limit such claims.  In addition, it will discuss how spoliation can develop during the inspection of a loss scene, evidence inspections and retention, as well as document retention.


The session will be present by Michal Wallace, J.D. Stutman Law, and James Goetz, J. F. Goetz and Associates.


Registration information is available here. 


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