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Contact:   Hugh Strawn




Date:   March 26, 2015  


Eight Days Severe Weather Outlooks on PLRB Map

Address-specific forecasts from Storm Prediction Center


PLRB Catastrophe Services has long provided the Storm Prediction Center's convective storm charts, for the possibility of severe weather for the next three days, as a useful planning tool for the catastrophe manager.  Now PLRB Map also includes the SPC longer range forecasts of up to eight days (individual day outlooks) to provide an even longer look into the future for potential severe weather.   


The Storm Prediction Center (SPC), a part of the National Weather Service (NWS), provides forecasts and watches for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes over the contiguous United States. According to the NWS, severe weather constitutes either 1) tornadoes, 2) hail of 1 inch or larger (increased from 0.75 inch to 1 inch on January 5, 2010), or 3) wind gusts of at least 58 MPH or wind damage.


The SPC issues Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 Convective Outlooks that display areas of general thunderstorms (non-severe thunderstorm) and areas that are forecast for severe thunderstorms. They also issue Day 4-8 severe weather outlooks that depict severe thunderstorm threats.

PLRB Catastrophe Services PLRB Map is available exclusively to employees of PLRB member companies, as well as affiliate member firms. 


To view SPC Outlooks on PLRB Map:


From the PLRB Homepage, at, perform the following:

Click on Weather/Cats Research on the left hand navigation bar.

On the username and password protected PLRB Catastrophe Services Homepage, click on the PLRB Map - Weather & Cats Interactive Map image.


PLRB Catastrophe Services Homepage

If this is your first time using PLRB Map, you will be directed to a disclaimer web page. Please read the disclaimer and click the Launch PLRB Map button.


Click on the Severe Weather Forecast button.




Click on each day to view the locations of any severe weather threats. Day 1 represents the current day. You can also click on the polygon on the map to determine the severity of the risk.


Day 3 - Slight risk for severe weather (screen capture taken on 3/22/2015)



Day 4 - 15% (slight risk) for severe weather (screen capture taken on 3/22/2015)


About SPC Convective Outlooks


Day 1 to Day 3 categorical risks range from TSTM (general or non-severe thunderstorms) to High (area where a large severe weather outbreak is expected). Two thresholds of 15% and 30% can be forecast for Day 4 to Day 8. These are equivalent to slight and enhanced risks on the Day 1-3 convective outlooks respectively. For more information please visit the SPC products web page.


For additional information contact Andrew Louchios, Geologist - Geospatial Specialist, PLRB Catastrophe Services,, 630-724-2233.


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