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Contact:   Hugh Strawn




Date:   March 19, 2015 


Landslide Susceptibility & Wildland Fire Potential on PLRB Map

Online address-specific data at no fee for PLRB member companies


What is the wildfire potential at a specific address?  Is a neighborhood susceptible to landslides, based on previous events? 


PLRB Catastrophe Services has two useful layers under the MAP LAYERS – RISK POTENTIAL tab of PLRB Map to help member company adjusters and underwriters answer those questions.


Wildland Fire


The “USA Fire Potential” layer maps the output of a wildfire potential model that the USDA Forest Service produced in 2012.  It depicts the potential for large scale wildfires (on the scale of 100’s of miles) that could not be easily contained.


More information can be found at the U.S. Forest Service:




The second layer to be added is the “USA Landslide Susceptibility” produced by the U.S. Geological Survey.  The data depicts areas where large landslides have occurred and identifies areas that are susceptible to landsliding.  The data is a general overview and unsuitable for local planning or actual site selection.


Landslide Susceptibility layer on PLRB Map


For further information on using the PLRB Map, please contact Andrew Louchios, Geologist / Geospatial Specialist, at or 630-724-2233.


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