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Contact:   Hugh Strawn




Date:   March 10, 2015 


PLRB Legal Departments' FAQs Aid Member Company Adjusters

Quick answers to frequently asked property coverage questions


PLRB's coverage attorneys are often asked coverage questions by member company adjusters regarding the same issue.  Those that are asked the most are included in PLRB's Frequently Asked Questions service.  Wide ranging topics include ice dams, ALE, and tree root problems.  


PLRB member company employees have exclusive access to the FAQ online service.  the username and password protected service It is not available to non-member company  employees.  The member company adjusters who have a coverage-related question may find the information you need already available in a PLRB FAQ. 


After logging on to the PLRB website, they can find them by


  1.  Clicking on the Coverage Research button on the home page


PLRB Home Page

Coverage Research Button


  1. From the PLRB Search page, click on the Table of Contents tab


PLRB Search Page

Table of Contents Tab


  1. Next click on the FAQ button


Table of Contents

FAQ Button


  1. Then select either Liability FAQs or Property FAQs


FAQ Selection

Liability FAQs or Property FAQs


  1. If the adjuster wants coverage information on candle soot.  Select Property FAQs and then Candle Soot.


Property FAQs

Candle Soot


  1. The Candle Soot FAQ provides them with an introduction to the subject, policy language information, the coverage question, PLRB's response, a discussion of the coverage analysis including the exclusions, perils, and a variety of similar cases.


Candle Soot FAQ


The PLRB FAQs are another valuable resource that is available to you as an employee of a PLRB member insurance company.


The Property & Liability Resource Bureau is a not-for-profit association of property and casualty insurance companies.  It is located in Downers Grove, Illinois.