Information Release



Contact:   Hugh Strawn




Date:         February 12, 2015  


Address-Specific Earthquake Information on PLRB Map

Georegistered Data for Adjusters


Using PLRB Map will help adjusters determine the magnitude and ground shaking intensity of an earthquake anywhere in the United States. 


Adjusters can get this data by


     navigating to PLRB Map from the PLRB Catastrophe Services main page

     entering the address of the risk by clicking on the "Address" button

     selecting the two earthquake layers found by first clicking on the "Map Layers" button and then clicking the "Earthquakes (USGS) tab 


PLRB Map will display all of the earthquake magnitudes and shaking intensity information for the past 90-days for earthquakes greater than magnitude 3.0.  

Adjusters can zoom to the flag that has located the address being researched to determine the amount of estimated ground shaking at that location.


PLRB Map zoomed into Central California, displaying the last 90 days of Earthquakes and Shaking Intensity


This feature of PLRB Map will give the adjuster a better indication of the address location in relation to the earthquake shaking intensity.


For all shaking intensity data, including older than 90 days, adjusters can also use the Peril History Search. Data is available 1/1/2014 to present and includes notable earthquakes from 2003 to 2013.



PLRB Map displaying Shaking Intensity from a magnitude 5.7 earthquake on 1/28/15


For further information on using the PLRB Map, please contact Andrew Louchios, Geologist / IT Specialist, at or 630-724-2233.


All information and data on PLRB Map is available for no fee to employees of PLRB member insurance companies, as well as Affiliate member companies.


The Property & Liability Resource Bureau is a not-for-profit association of property and casualty insurance companies.  It is located in Downers Grove, Illinois.