Information Release



Contact:   Hugh Strawn




Date:         January 6, 2015  


Tracking Winter Storms with PLRB Map

A No-Fee Service of PLRB Catastrophe Services


PLRB member insurance companies and Affiliate member companies can accurately and easily track winter storms for no fee, using the Catastrophe Services online interactive PLRB Map.


NWS Mesoscale Discussion about the 2015 Blizzard in the Northeast


PLRB Map contains many useful data layers for tracking winter storms. 

The National Weather Service, Storm Prediciton Center, issues Mesoscale Discussions for high impact winter weather events.  These technical forecast discussions are displayed in PLRB Map.


The official National Weather Service snowfall forecast can be displayed by going to MAP LAYERS – WEATHER FORECASTS – SNOWFALL FORECAST


NWS 72 Hour Snowfall Forecast


As the event is unfolding, you can view the current radar which depicts area of falling snow (blue), freezing rain / drizzle (pink) and rain (green) by going to MAP LAYERS – RADAR… - WEATHER RADAR (WINTER MASK)


Weather Radar with Winter Mask


For higher impact events, Catastrophe Services will produce a Special Events Page with links to important information like adjuster regulations and emergency orders. These can be found on the Catastrophe Services Main Page by going to SEVERE WEATHER – SPECIAL EVENTS.


Special Events Page


After the event, we incorporate the significant snowfall reports into the Severe Storm and Occurrence Summary.


SSOS Report for 2015 Nor’Easter


For further information on using the PLRB Map, please contact Andrew Louchios, Geologist / Geospatial Specialist, at or 630-724-2233.


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