Event Participants

Information about You

PLRB collects your name, contact details, and professionals credentials for purposes of providing association services. PLRB also uses this information to provide you paper and electronic communications with industry news, weather and catastrophe news, educational content, and information on upcoming meetings, conferences, distance learning courses, and webinars. PLRB likewise collects information from speakers and presenters along with CVs and presentation materials. PLRB asks participants to volunteer emergency contact information. If a attendee is bringing a spouse or similar guest to functions, PLRB asks for the name. PLRB captures audio-video and photographs of its events.

Credit card details are not saved by PLRB and are processed by a reputable credit card service though secure channels. Billing paperwork is kept seven years.

How We Share Your Information

The PLRB conference app, which is operated by a third-party provider, contains social media options which allows participants to share photos and contact information with others. The app also allows you to download presenter information, handouts, and your customizable conference schedule. You may elect to have your data including your schedule downloaded from PLRB servers to the conference app.

PLRB does not sell your information to other organizations for use in their direct marketing or any other use. The only exception is that PLRB shares conference and event registration lists with attendees, presenters, exhibitors, and sponsors for business, networking, and educational reasons that help make for a successful event. Those shared registration lists do not contain email addresses unless a participant expressly consented to such use.

PLRB prints your name, credentials, and schedule on badge stock. Name badges must be worn at all events.

Where PLRB educational participants request continuing education credits for participation, PLRB provides state authorities information provided by you and the course as requested by that agency.

PLRB works with others that process your data such as webinar hosting services, conference app vendors, and similar providers. Agreements with such vendors limit use and storage of personal information only for PLRB business and also require secure processing and storage with defined retention periods and destruction.

For event speakers and presenters, PLRB shares attendee survey results with the conference planning committee.

PLRB shares exhibitor, sponsor, speaker, and presenter information with the conference App design and implementation team so that they can make it available for the event to others. The app also includes a list of registrants. You may share more details via the social networking functions on the app. PLRB does not use that information beyond the app.

PLRB may share your information confidentially with hotel staff for the sole purpose of auditing room block commitments.

PLRB shares event audio-video materials on social media and marketing materials. Some courses are recorded in entirety and used in distance learning courses or informational online video resources.

Requests for special dietary needs are shared with food services providers. Requests for accommodations are shared with the facility operators and vendors that provide services to assist with accommodations.

Emergency contact information would only be used in the event of an emergency.

Purpose and Legal Basis for Processing

The legal basis PLRB relies on to process your personal data to provide most services is GDPR article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR, which allows us to process personal data when its necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests. However, some of the processing is based on legal requirements for accessibility and CE processing, GDPR article 6(1)(c).

Your Rights

You have rights to access, rectifiy, restrict, and object. PLRB provides self-help user portals which allow you to update all of your contact and professional information as well as view any information collected and stored about you. Log into the PLRB website and visit the “My PLRB” section of the website. The conference portal is at http://www.claimsconf.org/Registration.cfm?Section=Modify. You can also contact us at 630 724 2200 orplrb-main@plrb.organd request changes.