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PLRB would like to thank our PLRB Presents! Industry Insights speakers for their meaningful contributions.

How Claim Litigation Management Is A Lot Like Youth Basketball

Richard Woolf, JD, Attorney
Boyle Brasher LLC, St. Louis, MO

How is coaching a youth basketball team similar to managing claim litigation? Join attorney Richard Woolf as he draws upon his experience on the court to assist claims professionals and attorneys with obtaining better outcomes in the court. By mastering the basics, embracing your role, and practicing sportsmanship, you too can take your claim litigation management skills to the next level. (March 28, 2017) (Runtime: 13:00)

Ice Dams: Loss Leader or Opportunity?

Daniel Thall, CPCU, Property Claims Manager
Preferred Mutual, Utica, NY

Ice dams can transform a few inches of ice into a sprawling, high-cost claim. Join Daniel Thall as he explores what causes ice dams and potential solutions. Daniel Thall's proactive ideas will propel the industry forward and cut off ice dam claims before they start. (March 28, 2017) (Runtime: 20:20)

The Job That Ate My Brain
An Adjuster's Take on Stress and Burnout

Timothy Pena, JD, CPCU, Liability Injury Claims Adjuster
Auto Club Enterprises Insurance, Santa Ana, CA

Are you feeling stressed at home or work? Do you want to create more balance in your life? Join Tim Pena as he provides practical steps for minimizing stress in your life and dealing with burnout. Action is required. Tim Pena's candid and insightful presentation will empower you to tackle stress head-on so you can increase your productivity at home and the office. (March 29, 2017) (Runtime: 21:11)

Driving Dependability During Disruption

Mary Capelli-Schellpfeffer, MD, MPA, Nat'l Medical Director
Auto Injury Solutions (AIS), Chicago, IL

Accidents are all around us, disrupting businesses and lives. Join Dr. Mary as she dissects the symbiotic relationship that technology and biology can have in our decision-making process. Dr. Mary's eloquent insights on automated cars, human brains, and even emotions will help you connect the dots and drive home dependability during disruption. (March 27, 2017) (Runtime: 14:00)

Eliminating Subrogation Waivers

Nelson Canter, Partner
Canter Law Firm P.C., White Plains, NY

Are you interested in the proliferation of subrogation waivers in contracts and its impact on risk-sharing after a loss? Join Nelson Canter as he explains how subrogation waivers work and why contractual waivers of subrogation should be eliminated. Nelson's passion for holding culpable parties responsible for their actions will prompt you to take another look at these waivers. (March 28, 2017) (Runtime: 14:30)

The Power of Networking
Connect With Meaning and Purpose

Lisa Bergeron, Founding Partner and Chief Visionary Officer
AWE, Providence, RI

Networking - you're probably doing it all the time without even thinking about it, but are you doing it effectively? Join Lisa Bergeron as she explores the dos and don'ts, along with the many benefits, of this powerful tool. Lisa's witty insights will help empower you to connect with meaning and purpose in your everyday life. (March 28, 2017) (Runtime: 14:42)

Turbocharge Your Career During Your Lunch Hour

Dan Dyce, Consultant
Dan Dyce Consulting, Sacramento, CA

During the span of a career, you may spend up to four years at lunch; so what can you do with just some of those lunch hours to expand your horizons? Join Dan Dyce as he enthusiastically shares his own journey to success, one apple at a time. Dan's clever tips for new skills, networking, and nutrition will help you turbocharge your career and your life. (March 29, 2017) (Runtime: 13:24)

Pitching in an Elevator

Mike Brode, Complex Claims Specialist
Grange Mutual Casualty Company, Columbus, OH

Can an elevator pitch change your life? Join Mike Brode as he packs in tips, tricks, and tons of examples into a fast-paced presentation on addressing 'oh no' moments, encapsulating ideas into an effective elevator pitch, and applying the elevator pitch in your claims or sales work. Mike's examples and experiences will prepare you for your next pitch, in or out of the elevator. (March 27, 2017) (Runtime: 18:55)

Preparing Today for Tomorrow's Workforce

Jessica Gaudio, Senior Program Director
The Institutes, Malvern, PA

As more and more insurance professionals approach retirement age, the industry is on the lookout for sharp new minds to fill in the gaps. Join Jessica Gaudio as she explores how to correct misconceptions about the insurance industry, what buzzwords to use in your job posting, and what Millennials value in a job. (March 28, 2017) (Runtime: 13:46)

Driverless Cars and You

Julia Molander, Partner
Cozen O'Connor, San Francisco, CA

Driverless cars are coming to a road near you whether or not the insurance industry is ready for it. Join Julia Molander as she reviews the features of driverless cars and their likely impact on the insurance industry. Julia's analysis of the likely effects of this new technology will shift your perspective into a new gear. (March 28, 2017) (Runtime: 19:22)

Metrics and Measures and Subrogation, Oh My!

Alison Sammartano, CPCU, AIC, Subrogation Advocate
Allstate Insurance, Chicago, IL

You might be hitting your metrics and measures goals, but are you providing good customer service? Join Alison Sammartano on the yellow brick road to subrogation recovery as she questions the push toward faster settlement times without adequate preparation for subrogation. Alison's insights will put the heart back into your claims with her actionable tips. (March 27, 2017) (Runtime: 18:11)

The Real Time Paperless Contractor

Garret Gray, President & CEO
Next Gear Solutions, Oxford, MS

When it comes to going paperless, the benefits extend beyond the trees. Join Garret Gray as he revisits life before the dawn of real time claims handling apps and other modern technologies. Garret's inventive insights will help you better understand the value of transitioning technologies, and will have you taking the leap from sorting through stacks of papers to soaring through 'the cloud.' (April 19, 2016) (Runtime: 9:22)

Net Promoter Score
The Storm on the Horizon for the Claims Community

Michael J. Miller, Chief Financial Officer
Clear Point Claims, Charlotte, NC

Most businesses now track customer satisfaction via surveys, but how effective is this practice when it comes to the insurance industry? Join Michael J. Miller as he challenges the notion that adding more technology and online features is a solution to all problems. Michael's insights will encourage you to take a second look at what you think you know about your internet strategy. (April 19, 2016) (Runtime: 9:57)

Death of an Air Conditioner:
Compressor Failures Uncovered

Curtis VanNess, General Manager, HVAC Forensics
Donan Engineering, LLC, Louisville, KY

When an air conditioner dies in the heat of summer, it can be a difficult time for any insured or any homeowner. Join Curtis VanNess as he takes a posthumous look at the electrical and mechanical failures that can befall an HVAC system. Curtis's review of the causes of HVAC failure will empower you to ask the right questions when determining what caused a system's demise—or if it can be saved. (April 20, 2016) (Runtime: 13:03)

Keeping Good People:
Staffing Engagement, Retention, Celebration

Jason R. Coleman, Vice President
Jenkins Restorations, Sterling, VA

When was the last time that an employee told you they loved their job? Join Jason Coleman as he carefully crafts a foundation of interpersonal skills that helps build strong employee relationships and solid organizational success. Jason's insights and inspirations from his own personal journey as a leader will motivate you to better engage, retain, and celebrate your employees. (April 18, 2016) (Runtime: 16:07)

Business Interruption From a Cyber Attack

Steve Rosenthal, Partner
RGL Forensics, San Francisco, CA

You see it in the news every day- cyber attacks targeting businesses large and small and wreaking havoc to the economy. Join Steve Rosenthal as he examines the vulnerabilities, coverage options, and issues surrounding cyber attacks and their impact on business insureds and third parties. Steve's careful analysis of this critical topic will help you better service your business insureds. (April 19, 2016) (Runtime: 15:24)

Safety Considerations at a Claim Site

Louis Collisson, Regional Consultant East
Grecco Construction Consultants LLC, Philadelphia, PA

Traversing a claim site can be hazardous, especially if you're not prepared with the gear and knowledge to ensure your safety. Join Louis Collisson, who has survived unsecured ladders, steep roofs, and even wildlife, as he shares his tips for staying vigilant for safety risks on claim sites. Louis' review of safety guidelines will help prepare you to insist on a high level of safety at your next claim site. (April 19, 2016) (Runtime: 12:32)

Rebuilding a Zoo: Southern Alberta 2013 Flood

Dianna Adams, Leader of Risk Management & Claims
City of Calgary, Law Department, Calgary, AB

What does it take for a complex business such as a zoo to recover from a catastrophic loss? Join Dianna Adams as she explores the six C's of successful claims handling as exemplified by a flood that swept through The Calgary Zoo. Dianna's walkthrough of this well-handled claim will prepare you to navigate even the most jungle-like claim scenarios with creativity, collaboration, and more. (April 18, 2016) (Runtime: 18:45)

Identify, Develop, and Inspire
Your Future Claims Supervisors

Jackie Jones, Manager Property, Commercial and SIU
Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, Alexandria, IN

Are you being the best leader you can be? Join Jackie Jones as she provides you with the elements to seek out talent, channel personal development, and inspire others within the claims industry. Jackie's inspiring stories will motivate you to great leadership, whether you lead from the office or the field. (April 20, 2016) (Runtime: 11:00)

Understanding a Hoarder
to Better Serve Your Clients and Lower Your Costs

Matt Paxton, Extreme Cleaning Specialist
ServiceMaster Restore, Richmond, VA

Hoarder insureds exist, and they are not as uncommon as you might think. Join TV personality Matt Paxton as he shines light on the private lives of hoarders, dispels hoarding myths, and carefully unravels the psychology behind hoarding. Matt's key strategies for handling losses at hoarded homes will help you better service your clients, and maybe even save some time and avoid inefficiencies in the process. (April 18, 2016) (Runtime: 26:55)

Three Things Pizza Taught Me
About Claims Leadership

Marty Frappolli, Sr. Director of Knowledge Resources
The Institutes, Malvern, PA

Who knew that pizza and claims were so alike? Join Marty Frappolli as he explores the flavorful insights he has acquired from the world of pizza to the world of claims. Marty's tips for passion, persistence, and performance in your professional career will help you find the right ingredients for successful claims handling. (April 20, 2016) (Runtime: 16:36)

The Hail Lawsuit Frenzy:
Update From the Trenches

Steve Badger, Partner
Zelle LP, Dallas, TX

Hail damage claims are pervasive and complex, not to mention growing in number. Join Steve Badger as he depicts the hail claim crisis that is sweeping the nation. Steve's tales and triumphs from the trenches will help raise awareness to the growing concerns over frivolous hail claim lawsuits, and will empower you to take effective action. (April 19, 2016) (Runtime: 14:08)

Too Much Technology,
Too Soon

Jeff Taxier, Education & Training Manager
American Technologies, Inc., Orange, CA

In an era where technology is quickly replacing many human processes, could we be suffering from too much technology, too soon? Join Jeff Taxier as he describes the benefits and downfalls of incorporating the latest technology trends into the world of claims adjusting. Jeff's delightful anecdotes will show you how technology can be fruitful and fun with the right adjuster expertise. (April 19, 2016) (Runtime: 18:00)

Why Face Time Matters:
Maintaining Long-Distance Professional
Relationships in the Digital Age

Jeanie Ismay, Attorney
Leder & Hale, PC, Baltimore, MD

When was the last time you saw your most valuable contact in person? Join Jeanie Ismay as she enthusiastically shares her own professional journey and illustrates the many benefits of one-on-one, face-to-face connections. Jeanie's cautionary tales and tips will help you better understand how to maintain long-distant professional relationships in the digital age. (April 19, 2016) (Runtime: 23:20)

Electronic Discovery:
BE PREPARED from Day One

Diane Barnes-Reynolds, Partner
Butler Weihmuller Katz Craig, Tampa, FL

Electronic discovery is a vital process that can make or break your claims case, and can be as complex as a 1,000 piece puzzle. Join Diane Barnes-Reynolds as she carefully constructs the importance of organization and detailed claim file notes. Diane's insights will inspire you to discover the missing pieces to your claims puzzle. (April 20, 2016) (Runtime: 15:15)